Langtur foredrag onsdag 29.11 kl 19

Langtur foredrag onsdag 29.11 kl 19

EXPLORE – LEARN – SHARE summarize the purpose of our journey.

On July 2019, sy Escape left Stavanger Norway and our Escape West journey started. We sailed from Stavanger to Gran Canaria, continued across the Atlantic in January 2020 and cruised the Caribbean until covid-19 caught up with us in March/April 2020. We left sy Escape on the hard in Curacao in May 2020 and returned end of July 2021 to prepare for our continued westbound explorations. This is the story of our Pacific Drift in April 2022.

New Caledonia Oktober 2023

Foredraget holdes i klubbhuset på Sølyst onsdag 29. november kl 19.

Åpnet for alle.