Boatpool Terms Stavanger Seilforening

Boatpool Terms Stavanger Seilforening

Membership and user categories

Registered boat pool users are defined in to categories:

  • “Skippers” are authorised users that have access to boat booking systems. SS and/or pool boat working group representatives have the ability to approve users as “skippers”
  • “Crew users” are members who aren’t (yet) authorised as skippers. Crew users must sail with a registered skipper.“Crew users” can any time apply for skipper authorisation by SS and/or the boat pool committee. Once they are authorised skippers, skipper rights and responsibilities will apply.
  • The term “user” is used to designate crew users and skippers without distinction.
  • Unless preliminary and specific agreement with SS administration, boat pool users aren’t authorised to bring non- members of SS boat pool when sailing. Skipper authorisation is delivered by SS – or boat pool responsible (contact for more information). Children of boat pool members may also be brought when sailingBooking of boatsOnly skippers have access to SS online booking system. Crew users are entitled to sail with authorised skippers.Booking is mandatory to use boats. Boats can only be used during the booked period. Usage of the boat without booking will be registered and it may imply immediate warning and eventually exclusion of the boat pool arrangement.Reservation cannot be made more than 2 weeks in advance from reservation date. A maximum of 4 consecutive bookings for a period of 2 weeks is defined to ensure availability for other boat pool members. If there is free capacity the next day or on a day, you may book extra sessions.

Specific days are reserved to regatta sailing and are indicated as such in the booking system. During these days, priority is given to users who want to participate at the regatta. Boats may be used for recreational sailing (e.g. over night / weekend sailing), after prior agreement with SS. It is only allowed to book the boat for one night.

SS has the right to limit boat availability without restriction. This applies in particular to planned maintenance, sail events and regatta participation, including boat road transportation to other locations. Availability of all the boats is updated in the booking system.

Usage & Responsibilities

Skippers are personally responsible for the safety of their crew and the boat when on board in a boat.

Skippers are entitled to follow all maritime rules applying where the boats are used. This include also boat usage in foreign countries if applicable.

Users are responsible for appropriate handling of the boats and the equipment to prevent any damage other than regular usage conditions.

Skippers are required to perform an online check-in and a check- out procedure at start and end of their booking period. Precise rules apply for check-in and check-out procedures. Skippers and crew shall follow the procedures for boat mooring, boat equipment storage, and cleaning procedures. These are also mentioned

in check-in and check-out procedures. Skippers shall report any damage or missing equipment during check-in and check out procedures.

If a skipper notice that he or she will not be able to check-in or check-out corresponding to their booking time, he or she should inform other users that may be concerned by the delay. In case of unforeseen booking cancellation, skipper can warn other skippers through Spond page to indicate boat availability. If a skipper

multiple times fail to inform about booking cancellations or very frequently cancel bookings last minute they may get a warning and eventually exclusion of the boat pool arrangement.

All boat pool members have to contribute for the maintenance of the boat pool boat. The boat pool responsible will organise maintenance days and afternoons as needed. Boat work will include things as applying bottom paint, cleaning, replacing or repairing worn equipment, taking the mast up/down and putting the boat on land.


Serious injury to a person resulting from the use of the boat should be reported immediately to healthcare services.

Damage to the boat and/or the equipment

All boats and third party liability are insured by SS. However during sailing the skipper is responsible for the boat and equipment towards SS and the skipper shall always be on board if not otherwise agreed with SS. Any loss of parts and / or damage to the boat needs to be paid by the skipper. Maximum liability is limited to 1500 NOK per incident.

In case of damage or / and accident to the boat or to the equipment the skipper shall immediately consider to abort the training/sailing session. If the damage can worsen when sailing, the training shall be aborted and the boat returned to the harbour. For damages under the waterline, contact SS immediately, the boat shall be lifted up on land immediately after return to the harbour if needed

In case of damage to the sails, this shall be notified in the check- out form and in case of minor spinnaker rips dried in the sail-loft and repaired before the next sailing session. For bigger repairs and/or repairs to mainsail and headsail, notify in checkout-form and to boat pool responsible (Anders Lindemark) The sail should

be marked with a “repair” request note and put into the sail storage, the boat may not be available during the time of the repair.

For any damage, the skipper shall ensure that priority is given to repair and not sailing. This is to ensure that the boat will be ready to sail for the next booking.

The skipper and the crew shall follow damage handling guidelines described in the User Manual

Theft, vandalism, or fire shall be reported to police in addition to SS administration.

Reporting damage or missing equipment

Handling boats carefully before during and after sailing is essential to keep the subscription fee as low as possible. All users are responsible to handle boats, sails and equipment with care.

In case of collision or damage to the boat, sails and other equipment listed in the equipment check-list must be reported immediately to SS administration and in the check-in check out web-form.

In case of a collision with another boat during a regatta, the skipper shall address the collision with the skipper of the other boat, also involving the regatta committee when applicable.

For all collisions with damage to another boat or property, the skipper shall report to SS administration immediately.

Damage frequency

SS has the right to track the damage frequency related to boat pool users. Users with particularly high damage accountability may be excluded.

Gross negligence

In cases where the insurance company seeks recourse due to gross negligence or other conditions based on the boat pool user, SS has the right to apply for the claim covered by the boat pool user.

General conditions

All boat pool members shall follow SS boat pool rules. SS has the right to update rules and conditions without preliminary agreement with the users. SS has the right to exclude temporarily or permanently boat pool members who do not follow the boat pool rules and procedures. Excluded members are not entitled to claim reimbursement of the paid membership fee.