Boat pool

Boat pool

Boat pool is an alternative to owning your own boat, and a fun way to practice sailing together with other people, you can join the pool by yourself and meet other people who want to sail or join together with your friends. Stavanger Seilforening boat pool has an Express which is shared by the members, the goal of the boat pool is for people to be able to go sailing while not having to do the maintenance all by yourself. When you are a boat pool member you have more than just access to a boat, you have access to a network of other sailors who love sailing as much as you.

As a member of the boat pool you can join the wednesday race, go sail in the afternoon or go for overnight trips to the clubs own island Langøy or other places in the Ryfylke archipelago.

Sign up:

Contact Boat pool responsible Anders Lindemark at

Membership is 5500 kr a year.

For skippers:

Only skippers have access to booking and check out/in should always be performed by the skipper as she/he is the one responsible if something is broken.

(Booking is not open yet)

It is obligatory to always check in/out for every time the boat is used